War, inflation, recession and increasing inequality. We need progressive fiscal policy that can respond to the major challenges of our time. Arena Idé would like to involve you in the discussion on what should shape the economic policies of tomorrow. With some of the world’s leading progressive economists and intellectuals, we are turning the page to the new chapter that the current cost-of living-crisis might lead to.

The conference highlights tomorrow’s fiscal policy and macroeconomic trends, the democratic deficit of monetary policy, investments for the climate transition and how to best fight inflation.

The conference is organised in co-operation with the macrofinance institute Dezernat Zukunft.

The conference is free, lunch and coffee will be provided. The seats are limited so make sure to register now. 

A cancellation fee of SEK 500 will be charged for cancellations later than 48 hours before the conference starts.

New Economic Order will be held at Södra Teatern at the heart of Södermalm, Stockholm.

Arena Idé
is a progressive, non-partisan think tank based in Stockholm, Sweden. We focus on issues related to the labour market and education, economic policy, welfare and democracy. Arena Idé is part of Arenagruppen. More here.

Dezernat Zukunft is a non-partisan institute that aims to explain and re-think monetary, financial, fiscal, and economic policy in an accessible, coherent and relevant manner. More here.